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Krishna Ayurved Medical College (KAMC)


Krishna Ayurved Medical College (KAMC), Vadodara is an upcoming educational institute managed by Shree Krishna Educational Charitable Trust. Medical college aims to provide practical knowledge to its students regarding the Ayurveda practices. With goal to promote the Growth and Development of Ayurveda. Also provide and assist in providing service and facilities of highest order for Research, Evolution, Training, Consultation, and Guidance to Ayurvedic System of Medicine. KAMC has the facilities of playground, cafeteria, library, stationary, bank, gym, separate hostels for boys and girls, botanical garden, etc.

Ayurveda, the perfect science or knowledge of life is believed to be the oldest method of treatment for human diseases, evolved around 600 BC in India. The word ‘Ayurveda’ combines two words ‘Ayus’ and Veda; ‘Ayus’ means life whereas Veda means (sacred) knowledge. Ayurveda is attributed to lord Dhanvantari, who as physician treated Gods as per Hindu mythology, even before 4000 BC. It provides an alternative or complementary medicine to allopathy practices. In the western word, Ayurveda therapies and practices (which are manifold) have been integrated in general wellness applications. It is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body and soul. When the balance is disrupted, the decease occurs. Ayurveda practice emphasizes that prevention is better than cure. Ayurveda practiced by special physicians are called ‘Vaidyas’.

The institute regularly organizes Ayurvedic camps for the health awareness, especially in the rural areas around the city. The students are provided with the regular hospital visits with an aim to enhance their practical skills. The institute runs with the motivation and vision of our Hon’ble Founder President and Chairman, Shree Jagdishbhai Patel.

The theory and practical teaching and training of Ashtanga Ayurved are imparted to the students by the following 3 Departments:-

Department of Sanskrit and Samhita (Basic Principles)

The knowledge about the treatises of Ayurved and the basic principles of Ayurved is being provided by this department which includes the study of Charaka Samhita and Ashtanga Hrudaya. As the original texts of Ayurveda are in Sanskrit language, learning of Sanskrit is compulsory in the first year B.A.M.S. which is taken care of by this department as well.
Department of Rachana Shareera (Human Anatomy)

It is extremely important to know the structure of human body from both Ayurved and Modern medical point of view with regards to its treatment to be done / learnt in future. This is efficiently done through dead body dissections, models, charts etc. in the department.
Department of Kriya Shareera (Human Physiology)

It is in the base of any medical science to know the up to date functioning of the structures in the body. The knowledge about the functioning of the various systems of the human body is imparted to the students through laboratory investigations, tests, functional explanation of mechanical tests and findings, models, charts etc. by this department.

KAMC is affiliated to Gujarat Ayurved University. Click here to visit the University Website.


Krishna Ayurved Medical College, Vadodara being a constituent school of KPGU, aspires to be a center of excellance for quality education of Ayurveda, and to sculpture skillful and knowledgeable Vaidyas to achieve holistic health in the society by upholding the principles and values of Ayurveda. 


सव भवु सुखन: सव सु िनरामया: 

l To create holistic development opportunities for new generation students in the field of Ayurveda through interdisciplinary, comprehensive and progressive academic programmes of healthcare. 

To provide optimum medical facility and special medical care of highest standards through the combination of traditional Ayurvedic therapy and modern scientific technologies. 

To provide a health care facilities to the society, through unique educational pattern to produce the leading Ayurveda physicians to empower the entire Ayurveda fraternity. 

To provide the best clinical knowledge and to initiate various research activities involving students and teachers of Ayurveda

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