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Grievance Redressal Committee

Grievance Redressal Committee

Grievance Redressal Committee

A grievance encompasses any manifestation of discontent, dissatisfaction, or negative perception, whether articulated or not, stemming from any aspect associated with the University, which a student perceives, or even senses, as being unjust, inequitable, or unfair. The Grievance Redressal System is a vital part of any administration. It falls under the purview of University Administration to ensure the provision of a secure and conducive environment for the students.

In accordance with UGC guidelines, the Grievance Redressal Committee has been established within the university to address grievances raised by the students. This platform facilitates an open forum for students to express their concerns, it is crucial for the complainant to exercise diligence and discretion in determining what constitutes a grievance significant enough to warrant the attention of the committee, which consists of senior administrators and faculty members of the university. The following types of grievances are considered under the purview of the committee.

Type of Grievance Specification
Academic administration and support services  Admissions, Examinations, Assessments, Evaluation, Library facilities, Issuance of certificates, Add-on courses, Research related issues, etc.  
Enrichment & Co-curricular activities  Students’ club registration, Award of non-academic credits, Physical Education, Extra-curricular awards and certificates related issues etc.  
Facilities Management  Allocation of class rooms, Standard of Canteen food, Wi-Fi internet connectivity, Utility-stores, Computer facilities, Drinking water , Sanitation & hygiene, Maintenance, Medical facilities related issues, etc. 
Professional Development On-campus or off-campus interviews, Soft skills training, Internships related issues, etc.  
Administrative affairs Collection of fee, online fee payment gateway, ID cards, attendance, Scholarships, Transcript, Transportation, Bonafede certificates related issues, etc.  
Student Welfare and Campus Safety Safety & Security, Discipline, Misbehaviours, Emergency services, Harassment by fellow students, teachers or staff related issues, etc.

Objectives of the Grievance Redressal Committee 

  1. To provide a platform for students to address their grievances related to academic, administrative, or personal matters within the university.
  2. To ensure that grievances are addressed impartially and in a fair manner, without any bias or discrimination.
  3. To maintain confidentiality and privacy throughout the grievance resolution process, safeguarding the interests of all parties involved.
  4. To promote transparency in the handling of grievances by keeping all stakeholders informed about the progress and outcomes of the resolution process.
  5. To identify root causes of grievances and recommend measures to prevent their recurrence in the future, thereby fostering a positive and conducive environment within the university.
  6. To educate students about the grievance redressal mechanism and their rights and responsibilities in lodging and resolving grievances.
  7. To regularly review and improve the grievance redressal process based on feedback and emerging needs, ensuring its effectiveness and efficiency.
  8. To facilitate amicable resolution of grievances through mediation, negotiation, or other appropriate means, aiming for mutual understanding and agreement.

Composition of KPGU Grievance Redressal Committee

Committee composition Designation Name of member
A Dean/Director of the Faculty of the University on rotation nominated by Provost Chairperson Dr. Nitesh Sureja
Registrar of the University Member Dr. Chirag Nagda
Dean, Student Welfare or equivalent Member Dr. Kautuk Shah
Two Directors of the Schools on rotation nominated by the Provost Members Dr. Falgun Mehta
Prof. Nimesh Chokshi
One Professor from each School nominated by the Provost Member Dr. Asha Joshi
Dr. Pinakin Jaiswal
Dr. Prachi Pandey
Dr. Pragna Landge
Dr. Rupali Bava
Dr. Shivam Upadhyay
Mrs. Chintal Purohit
A representative from among students of the Schools to be nominated by the Provost based on academic merit/ excellence in sports performance in curricular activities Special Invitee Mr. Sumukh Vasisht(KSP)
Mr. Sukhpal Singh Pannu (KSS)

Senior Faculty Member Secretary Dr. Nirmal Kushwaha


Ombudsperson of KPGU

Honourable Retd. Chief Judge Shri Ketan Kumar Dasondi, Family Court, Surat.

Procedure for submitting the Grievance

Any stakeholder with a genuine grievance should initially approach the Department Student Grievance Redressal Committee (DSGRC) or the Institutional Student Grievance Redressal Committee (ISGRC). In the event that grievances still remain unresolved, students are encouraged to approach the University Grievance Redressal Committee (USGRC) to formally submit their grievances by  

  1. Sending an email to:
  2. Writing handwritten/print application.

Note: When submitting your grievance, it is essential to include all required details for effective resolution. Please ensure that your submission includes the following information: your full name, enrolment number, course name, branch or department, school name, mobile number, email address and type of grievance.


Contact Us:

Grievance Redressal Committee
Drs. Kiran & Pallavi Patel Global University (KPGU)
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