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Krishna Center of International Affairs

Prof. (Dr.) Pallavi Agarwal

Dy. Director International Affairs
Drs. Kiran & Pallavi Patel Global University (KPGU, Vadodara)

  1. Drs. Kiran and Pallavi Patel Global University (KPGU) established Krishna Center of International Affairs, that emphasizes on constantly establishing relationships with global world. The core of activities involve;

    1. Facilitate Study India Initiative
    2. Study Abroad Program
    3. International Exchange and Mobility

    The main objectives of KCIA are as follow:

    1. To coordinate all matters relating to welcoming and supporting foreign students.
    2. To disseminate information related to admission process among prospective foreign students.
    3. To engage in promotional activities and brand building campaign abroad.
    4. Single point contact for carrying out all collaborative activities with foreign institutions.
    5. Act as a liaison body between the foreign students and sponsoring agency.
    6. To address the grievances of foreign students in all matters.
    7. Single point contact for registration with FRRO/e-FRRO.
    8. To facilitate networking with fellow students.
    9. To extend all possible help to the foreign students to adapt to the new cultural environment and make their stay in India comfortable and enriching.
    10. To provide a platform to students and staff of KPGU to explore their research capabilities through joint research programs and with the interaction of collaborated universities.
    11. To exposure the students and faculty members to global technologies in the area of advanced research, innovation& development.
    12. To improve communication skills, self-esteem, creativity, and leadership ability of students, which are key attributes to nurture successful engineers, scientists and business leaders.
    13. To develop the international learning environment by inviting the faculties, scientists and researcher from the various universities of India and abroad.
    14. To offer long term and short terms technical and academic programs to international students at KPGU.
    15. To identify and invite international companies for the placements and industrial internship.

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