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Pharmaceutical Sciences

Our doctoral program in pharmaceutical sciences is focused on solving problems. In particular, the program covers the formulation, synthesis, manufacturing, development, stability, biophysical analysis, characterization, delivery, and biodistribution of small molecules and biopharmaceutical agents. Doctor of Philosophy degrees are designed to prepare scientists-educators-practitioners for careers in pharmaceutical education, research, industry, and related areas of specialized practice.

The School of Pharmacy has full time Ph.D supervisors with specialization in a variety of areas like Formulation development, Analytical method development, Pharmacology and Herbal drug technology. The school also has sophisticated equipments in the various laboratories for the research scholar to work with. 

Admission is based on criteria as specified by University Grants Commission (UGC), which normally involves an entrance test followed by an interview. Admission to the candidates is allowed under the full-time or part-time mode.  The notice for admission is widely circulated in print and online media and the university webpage. .

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