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Pharmaceutical Technology

The Department of Pharmaceutics has state-of-the-art facilities that are as per the evolving needs  current needs of  pharmacy profession and as per PCI ,AICTE. The laboratories are well equipped with various sophisticated machinery required for imparting knowledge to the students regarding various conventional and novel formulations , processing and testing equipment used in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical dosage forms like tablets, capsules, liquids, semi-solids, parenteral and novel drug delivery systems like osmotic, colon targeted, gastroretentive, buccal, transdermal, nasal, nanoparticulate etc. The laboratories provide the students with facilities and training for the integrated product development.

The department has several equipments like lab spray dryer, tablet compression machine, dissolution test apparatus, UV visible spectrophotometer ,and extruder/merumerizer.

The department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology offers postgraduate course in Pharmaceutics (15 seats) and Pharmaceutical Technology (15 seats) and Doctoral level program.

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