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Krishna School of Science (KSS)



Science is a study that engages in a “dialogue with Nature” to understand the principles and laws working in the natural world. The Faculty of Science is a place for Education and Research in science. The Faculty of Science has five core departments: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biotechnology and Microbiology. The presence of internationally recognized faculty backed by extremely knowledgeable staff and an effective administration will all contribute to the achievements of students to successfully establish them all over the world in upcoming years.

Departments with their specific high-end gadgets, instruments, and machine

  • Chemistry Department: The Department of Chemistry has a very innovative environment and laced with excellent laboratory facilities that includes double beam Spectrophotometer, Potentiometer, Polarimeter, Conductivity meter, pH meter, Colorimeter, Refractometer, TLC plates.
  • Physics Department: The Department of Physics has a very innovative environment and state-of-the art laboratory facilities that includes He-Ne LASER, Young’s Modulus, Tortional Pendulum, Optical Fiber, CRO, Function Generator, Melde’s experiment, Traveling Microscope, Hall Effect setup, Band Gap of Semiconductor diode, Solar cell and Virtual Lab facility.
  • Microbiology Department: The Department of Microbiology has a very innovative environment and state-of-the art laboratory facilities that includes BOD equipment, pH meter also available in biotech lab, Incubators Set At 37°C And 60°C, Sterile Pasteur Pipette, Petriplates, Test Tubes, Conical Flask, Measuring Cylinders, Cotton, Hot Plate, Waterbath,Thermometer, Test Tube Rack, Durham Tubes Bunsen Burner, Quebec Colony Counter, Manual Hand Counter, Disinfectant Solution In A 500-Ml Beaker, Glassware, Slides, Coverslips, Blotting Papers, Filter Papers, Spreaders.
  • Biotechnology Department: The Department of Biotechnology modern facilities that includes Bibulous Paper, Lens Paper, Microscope, Needle Glass Microscope Slides, Glassware Marking Pencil Bunsen Burner, Staining Tray, Microscope, Bibulous (Highly Absorbent) Paper Sterile 1-Ml Serological Pipettes, Mechanical Pipetting Device, Glassware Marking Pencil, Test Tube Rack, Bausch & Lomb Spectronic 20 Spectrophotometer, Refrigerator Set at 4°C.
  • Mathematics Department: Higher research facilities are available in mathematical department with highly qualified professors & Ultramodern software like MAT-Lab & python are also available.

Programs offered

UG Programs (B.Sc.)
 Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (A- Group)
 Chemistry, Biotechnology and Microbiology (B- Group)
Research Programs (Ph.D. Studies)

Innovative teaching and continuous evaluation

Innovative Teaching Practices

  • The Institute believes in academic excellence and has adapted Student Centric Approach.
  • The Institute has ICT enabled Smart classrooms equipped with latest configuration PCs with Projector and other amenities to enhance teaching-learning process. Fully Air-conditioned ICT enabled classrooms provide an environment where learning happens naturally.
  • The students are taught with the current topics in Morden research as content beyond the syllabus.
  • The students were encouraged to perform Inter department projects for improving the team building and gaining the multi-disciplinary knowledge.
  • The students are trained by arranging expert session online/offline for the course by inviting experts from the different universities and research institutes.
  • The teamwork is encouraged by giving group assignments and presentations as a part of building an innovative and systematic learning
  • To prepare the student for the Campus Interviews, student – centric technical training is done by the faculty members. The input from the Alumni is given to the student as the part of placement trainings
  • The students are encouraged to enrol in deferent platforms of the Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs), NPTEL, Workshops, Seminars and Industry certification courses for improving the additional problem-solving skills.
  • The students are encouraged to participate in live projects to solve real world Community problems suggested by Faculty members.
  • Students are also guided for exams like CSIR NET, Ph.D. entrance test for advancement of their carrier at UG level.

Continuous Evaluation

  • Students are evaluated through continuous evaluation process which includes internal examinations, Active Learning Assignments, Open Ended /Brain storming Problems, and Projects, presentations, Quizzes, Seminars, and viva.
  • The projects are guided, evaluated by the internal and external subject expert.
  • Marks/Grades are awarded based on the guidelines and the rubrics.
  • The facility is open to the students beyond the college working hours.
  • The students are also encouraged to present their innovations in state level and national level competitions held at premier institutes like IIT’s, NIT’s, University Colleges, SOIC, SSIP etc.

Industry institute connect

  • Institute has planning for MOU and tie ups with various Industrial Associations.
  • Expert talk by various industrial experts to update knowledge of our students.

Funded projects

Proposals for DST Projects under process.


  • Total Publications: 28
  • Research Papers in Scopus Journals: 18
  • Books Published: 5

Awards and achievements (Management)

  • “Leadership in Higher Education Award 2018” award to Founder President and Managing Trustee Shree Jagdishbhai D. Patel. By Higher Education Forum- Gujarat Chapter, in association with IQAC, M.S. University of Baroda for the year 2018-2019.
  • “Samaj Gaurav” Award to Founder President and Managing Trustee Shree Jagdishbhai D. Patel. By Shree Saurashtra Leuva Patel Seva Samaj, Surat for the year 2015-2016.
  • “Samaj Ratna” conferred to Founder President and Managing Trustee Shree Jagdishbhai D. Patel. By Shree Dhandhuka Taluka Patel Pragati Mandal, Surat for the year 2014-2015
  • “RASHTRIYA GAURAV AWARD – 2012”,as YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR award to CMD,Shri Dhruv J Patel by IIFS- India International Friendship Society for the year 2012-2013,
  • “Siksha Bharati Award” conferred to Founder President and Managing Trustee Shree Jagdishbhai D. Patel. By AIBCF,New Delhi for the year 2010-2011.


  • Our students produced excellent results in the University examination in first year.
  • Class results are outstanding in the region and many of the students are in top 10 position.

Quality of faculty

  • Total 6 Faculty members having Ph.D. degree and having vast experience of academics, industry, research, and administration.
  • Faculty having Ph.D. degree obtained highly reputed Institutions like Punjab University, MSU, SP University, CSMCRI Bhavnagar.
  • All faculty members having minimum qualification of Ph.D. at Assistant Professor level.

Future Plans- three years

  • To Organize State / National/International level Conferences.
  • To Organize National/ State level Science Fair.
  • To Organize National/ State level FDPs and Webinars.
  • To Organize various short-term courses, workshops, seminars from experts under various Departments.
  • To concentrate more on research activities by enrolling good research scholars, applying for various research grants, research projects etc.
  • To further upgrade the Quality of Guest lecturers on current Topics and Emerging Trends, so as to prepare our Students as Entrepreneurs and Professionals for the Global Market.
  • To enhance tie-ups with reputed foreign universities for collaborative teaching learning.

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