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Quality Culture


Due to globalization the world has been changing at a faster pace. This is observed more in science and technology sectors. This has brought about paradine change in higher professional education to be globally competent. It has become essential to ensure quality for the excellence in all functions of the University to be in pace with changing requirement of the employment sector & facilitate effective performance focused on continual progress. This can be only achieved by institutionalizing quality ambience in every functional unit.

In concurrence with university pursuit for continued quality and excellence, to achieve desired objectives, to meet needs of the present and future, the university has adopted comprehensive quality policy, which is being implemented practiced and reviewed from time to time.

The objective of the policy

  1. To develop and adopt system approach for conscious, consistent, and catalytic actions to improve the academics and administrative performance of the institution.
  2. To promote effective and practical measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement by internationalization of quality culture and institutionalization of the best practices. The facets of which shall include the following
    1. To focus on stakeholder’s satisfaction by ensuring timely effective, efficient, and progressive performance of academics, administrative, and financial functions.
    2. To optimize and integrate modern methods of curriculum development teaching learning and evaluation and their implementations.
    3. To promote high impact and quality research and publication by establishing network with regional, national, and international bodies.
    4. To ensure adequate well-maintained infrastructure and learning resources to facilitate quality functions.
    5. Develop and implement student support and progression activities to ensure the development of self attributes, knowledge attributes, health care attributes, employability attributes and social attributes among students.
    6. Governance and leadership; To formulate and implement modern concept of governance that nurtures leadership delegation performance review, transparency, and accountability etc, to ensure inclusive governance.
    7. Foster the ambience of creativity and innovation in the functioning of the University.
    8. To ensure continual improvement in the functioning and progress of the University.

The facets of Principle’s covers

  1. Curriculum
  2. Teaching learning evaluation
  3. Teacher activity
  4. Research and community extension activities
  5. Student support and progression
  6. Governance and leadership
  7. Best practices

The University submit itself for number of internal and external academic, administrative, campus and quality audits. University has planned to submit itself for  NAAC, NIRF ranking and QS ranking/ accreditation. The preparations for the same are being done with multifaceted action plan.

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