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Krishna Centre of Innovation & Research has been established to encourage the students and faculty members to undertake quality research work to address societal, state, national and global challenges thereby increase the production of traditional research outputs (as defined by research articles, books, book chapters, and conference proceedings).  The Centre encourages faculty members to participate in research, publish their work and participate in national and international conferences to present the research data and generate new concepts in the emerging areas, if required by collaborating with other national and foreign universities.


  • To support, lead, integrate, and deliver strong infrastructure for multidisciplinary research.
  • To Promote shared responsibility, the ethical conduct of research, and compliance
  • Enhances researchers’ abilities to obtain and manage grants
  • To create integrated services, transparent research administration, infrastructure, and streamlined processes
  • To enhance the ability to perform research in a global community
  • To partner with the research community to create a culture of high achievement
  • To strategically invest in promising research and researchers
  • To provide training opportunities to the University’s uniquely diverse student body under the mentorship of the Center’s internationally recognized engineers and scientists.


PROF. (Dr.) Komal Mehta
Dy. Director Innovation & Research
Professor & Head Civil Engineering
Krishna School of Emerging Technologies & Applied Research
Dr. Twinkle V. Doshi
Dy. Director Training in Disaster Management
Professor & SSIP Coordinator
Krishna School of Emerging Technologies & Applied Research
Dr. Prachi Pandey
Dy. Director Startups & Entrepreneurship & SSIP Coordinator
Associate Professor
Krishna School of Pharmaceutical Science & Research
Krishna Centre of Innovation & Research has successfully completed following accomplishments:
Krishna School of Emerging Technologies & Applied Research  and Krishna School of Pharmaceutical Science & Research have Established Institute Innovation Cell (IIC) as per MHRD Guidelines.

Krishna School of Emerging Technologies & Applied Research and Krishna School of Pharmaceutical Science & Research signed MoU for Rs. 60 Lacs (Each) under Student Startup & Innovation Policy (SSIP), by Government of Gujarat.


  • Outcome: 77 students innovative projects funds@ Rs. 25.34 Lacs under SSIP and SOIC schemes.
  • Project Title: “Air Purifying Concrete” Grant Sanctioned Rs. 1,50,000/- from Civil Engineering department. Mentor: Dr Santosh G Shah
  • Project Title: “Exploring Alternative Routes Of Drug Delivery In Management Of Overactive Bladder” Grant Sanctioned Rs. 1,00,000/-
  • Project Title: “Synthesis And Characterization Of Metallic Nanocomposite Containing Biodegradable Polymer For Topical Application” Grant Sanctioned Rs. 90,000/-
  • Project Title: “To Enhance Solubility And Dissolution Of Poorly Soluble Drug Gefitinib By Micellar Solubilization Technique Using Spray Drying Method To Improve Better Therapeutic Effect And Cytotoxicity Activity Aga” Grant Sanctioned Rs. 80,000/-
  • Project Title: “Electrifying Wastewater Using Double Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell” Grant Sanctioned Rs. 70,000/- from Civil Engineering department. Mentor: Prof. Hiral Purohit
  • Project Title: “Formulation And Evaluation Of Rasagiline Mesylate Nasal Spray For The Treatment Of Parkinson’S Disease ” Grant Sanctioned Rs. 50,000/-
  • Project Title: “Encapsulated Self Healing Concrete” Grant Sanctioned Rs. 67,000/- from Civil Engineering department. Mentor: Dr Santosh G Shah
  • Project Title: “Design & development of Mehanism for producing circular hole in cylindrical components by Plasma CNC Machine” Grant Sanctioned Rs. 56,000/- from Mechanical Engineering department, Mentor: Dr Sachin Daxini
  • Project Title: “Development of Smart Glove for Deaf, Dumb and Blind Person” Grant Sanctioned Rs. 20,000/-, from EC Department, Mentor : Dr Twinkle Doshi
  • Project Title: “AGNEYASTRA: The Saviour” Grant Sanctioned Rs. 15,000/- from EC Department, Mentor : Dr Hetal Pathak
  • Project Title: “Portable Ventilator with Wireless Controls and Cloud Grant Sanctioned Rs. 80,000/- from Computer Science Engg Department, Mentor : Dr Avani Vasant
  • Project Title: Water Trash cleaner Grant Sanctioned Rs. 5,000/-from Mechanical Engg Department, Mentor: Prof. Mandar Sumant

Krishna School of Emerging Technologies & Applied Research has established  E-Yantra Embeded System & Robotics Lab Supported by eLSI – IIT Bombay, Funded by MHRD through NMEICT

  • Outcome: 

Team ID: eYRC-HC#169

    • Theme name: Homecoming
    • Team: Khushboo N. Patel, Harsh K. Khatri, Krishnaraj R. Solanki, Prayushi R. Rana
    • Achieved rank: In top 10 all over India. 

Team Id: eYRC#86

    • Theme assigned: Pollinator Bee
    • Team: Krut Chitre,  Aditya Narayan Bhattacharya, Ninad Choksi,  Yashi Pandit
    • Achieved rank: In top 15 all over India. 

Aayush Patel is Selected as e-Yantra Campus Ambassador

  • AICTE  & MHRD “SAMADHAN” mega online challenge of to fight Covid-19
    • 3 projects got selected among 200 projects out of 2500 applied projects from govt. agencies, research centers and academic institutions of all over India.
    • Project “ Novel antiviral mask with metallic nanoparticles” has secured Third position.
  • SSIP Prasansha Awards:
    • Jay Chapaneriya was Awarded as Young Innovator with cash Prize of Rs. 30,000/- during SSIP Prashansa Awards 2020
    • Dr Santosh Shah, Director (Innovation) was awarded as Best Faculty mentor during SSIP Prashansa Awards 2020
  • Switch Global Innovation 2016:
    • Total 12 students presented their innovative projects
    • Student from EC Department won 3rd Prize.
  • The Institute has established IIC as per the MHRD. ID: IC201811561

Internal Members 

Prof.Dr.Komal MehtaCIVIL Dept-BIT
Dr.Twinkle V DoshiEC Dept-BIT
Dr.Jaymin BhalaniEC Dept-BIT
Mr.Yogendra TandelCIVIL Dept- GEC Dahod

External Members

Mr. Sunil LalanABB Ltd
Ms.Achal ModwelCanara Bank
Mr. Ashish BhavsarWave Visions

Students’ Members 

Vraj Patel-BIT-EC
Ishan Patel- BIT-EC
Dipanshi Gupta- BIT-EC
Jay Patel- BIT-EC
Abhishek Doshi-BIT-CSE
Bhavik Dodiya- BIT-CSE
Sidhdharth Dayalval- BIT-CSE
Trushant Aadeshra- BIT-CSE
Amandeep Saini-BIT-Mech
Kishanand Yadav-BIT-Mech


IIC Activity List

Sr NoActivityDateMIC/IIC /self-driven
1Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp2/06/21 to 4/06/2021IIC
2Session on Why IP is important in academia?04/26/2021IPR
3Launch of NEAT 2.0 – Enabled Courses for Enhancing the Skill and EmployabilityFeb’2020Self-driven/ Entrepreneurship
4Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and IP management for start upMarch 2020IPR
5Amazon Web Services (AWS)Services talk by student innovator13/2/2020Self-driven: Student Shoaib from PMC
6Design Thinking session12/05/2020Self-driven
7Online Orientation Session on IIC3.0 for CRO Zone12/08/2020Self-driven
8Aatmanirbhar Bharat the “Role of technology transfer & commercialization”07/06/2020Self-driven
9The Art of Research writing: Part II31/08/2020Research Overview
10Project Presentation for startup pitching10/03/2020Self-driven
11Project presentation for final year students-Idea to startup29/09/2020Self-driven
12Orientation Session on National Innovation and Startup Policy (NISP)26/12/2020IIC
13Orientation Session on National Education Policy (with a focus on Innovation and entrepreneurship08/07/2020IIC
15Idea/ PoC pitching & validation and Institute level PoC competition. Submission of Idea/PoC on IIC Portal10/10/2020IIC
16IIC Council formation or upgradation (of existing council) at Institute leve27/08/2020IIC
17My Story – Motivational Session by Successful Entrepreneur/Startup founder.25/09/2020IIC
18Pitching workshop & linkage of innovators with Innovation Ambassadors29/08/2020IIC
19IKS Orientation Session11/03/2020MIC
20Semester Break : Internship at Start-up28/11/2020IIC
21Orientation session for all students & faculties of Institute by Innovation Ambassador(s).08/07/2020IIC
22Mentorship Session for Innovators (or) Student Entrepreneurs through experts and (or) Innovation Ambassadors/Innovation Agent31/03/2020IIC
  • List of Patents Filed / Published
Sr. No.Application NumberFiling DateApplicantsInventorsTitle of InventionStatus
13214/MUM/20149.10.2014Dr. Vandana B Patel, Niral Parikh, Prachi PandeyDr. Vandana B PatelOral Aerosol of Vardenafil for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.Published
21964/MUM/201519.05.2015Dr. Vandana B PatelDr. Vandana B Patel,


Roshni Amin

Novel oral solid dosage form of herbal anti-oxidantsPublished
320162101615809.05.2016Shri Dhruv PatelKarishma patel, Dr. Naazneen surtiViscosupplementary drug delivery system of simvastatinPublished
420162101615009.05.2016Shri Dhruv PatelKushan shah,


Dr. Naazneen surti

Vaginal drug delivery system of metronidazole and clotrimazole.Published
520172101302711.04.2017Shri Dhruv PatelManisha Lalan,


Aparna Prasad

Microneedle assisted transdermal delivery of buspironePublished
62018210007758.01.2018Shri Dhruv PatelDr. Prachi Pandey,        Yesha PatelPenetration enhancer containing vesicles as carriers for topical delivery of Curcumin for psoriasisPublished
720182104613406/12/2018Shri Dhruv PatelDr. Prachi Pandey,        Udit VyasElastic vesicles containing corticosteroid as carrier for topical delivery in PsoriasisPublished
820192101983020/05/2019Shri Dhruv PatelDr. Prachi Pandey, Hardik ShahDepofoam based formulation of corticosteroid for treatment of rheumatoid arthritisApplied
920192101963715/07/2019Shri Dhruv Patel and Dr.Vandana B.PatelDr.Vandana B.Patel and Ms. Ayushi TewariEstimation of cancer Biomarker in Human tearApplied
1020202100372228/01/2020Shri Dhruv Patel and Dr.Vandana B.PatelDr. Vandana B.Patel & Ms. Jyotiben PatelSublingual dosage form of an antiemetic drugApplied
1120202100886003.02.2020Shri Dhruv PatelDr. Prachi Pandey, Mrunal RahangdaleTransethosomal  gel of Apremilast for treatment of PsoriasisApplied
1220202104078420.03.2020Shri Dhruv PatelDr. Prachi Pandey, Jeel KakasaniaTopical foam formulation of Fluconazole for skin fungal infectionApplied
1320202104120921.09.2020Ms.Jyoti Jha, Dr.Priyal Patel, Dr.Prachi PandeyMs.Jyoti Jha, Dr.Priyal Patel, Dr.Prachi PandeyIn-situ gelling nasal spray for MRSA induced rhinosinusitis.Applied
1420202104601722.10.2020Mr.Rutvik Patel, Dr.Prachi Pandey, Ms.Aayushi Shah, Ms.Manali PatelMr.Rutvik Patel, Dr.Prachi Pandey, Ms.Aayushi Shah, Ms.Manali PatelMucoadhesion based herbal spray formulation as a preventive measure for Covid-19Applied
1520202105396111.12.2020Mr.Rutvik Patel, Dr.Prachi Pandey,Mr.Rutvik Patel, Dr.Prachi Pandey,Fast track detection kit for virusApplied
1620202104906910.11.2020Mitali Upadhyay, Ms.Dhruvi Patel,                          Mary Jacob,                    Dr.Prachi PandeyMitali Upadhyay, Ms.Dhruvi Patel,                          Mary Jacob,                    Dr.Prachi PandeyIn-situ gelling spray of Herbal Antiviral substances for prevention against COVID-19Applied
1720202100050501.06.2020Dimple Patel


Riddhi Pandya

Dr. Twinkle Vimal Doshi

Dr. Hetal Mayur Pathak

Ishita Dholakiya

Dimple Patel


Riddhi Pandya

Dr. Twinkle Vimal Doshi

Dr. Hetal Mayur Pathak

Ishita Dholakiya

An Apparatus For Smart Automation High


Frequency Generator Device

1820192104341125.10.2019Nidhi  Parmar


Shweta Jadhav

Vishwa Shah

Dr. Khyati Zalawadia

Nidhi  Parmar


Shweta Jadhav

Vishwa Shah

Dr. Khyati Zalawadia

An Apparatus For Visually Impaired To


Object Recognition

1920192101357904.04.2019Umraniya Ravi SanjaybhaiUmraniya Ravi SanjaybhaiBand Saw Blade Tension And Breakage SensorPublished
  • Hackathons:
    • Krishna School of Emerging Technologies & Applied Research hosted the regional round of Smart Gujarat for New India Hackathon 2020 during 24 – 25 February 2020. More than 1000 students and faculty members from various parts of state worked for continuous 36 hours to solve problems.
    • Students of Computer Science Engineering from Krishna School of Emerging Technologies & Applied Research participated in the Finale of the Smart India Hackathon 2017 at JSSATE Noida.
    • Krishna School of Pharmaceutical Science & Research organized “Pharmahacks-2020”: 1st ever Pharma Hackathon of Gujarat during 6 – 7 March,2020.
    • Krishna School of Emerging Technologies & Applied Research organized Hackathon at institute level for the students during 17 – 18 August 2019.
  • FabLab: To support the innovative thinking among the students, the Krishna Centre of Research & Innovation has established Fabrication Lab (FabLAB).
    • FAB LAB Contains:
      • Basic Instruments / tools for Mechanical Works
      • Basic Instruments / Sensors for Electronics Works
      • Books related to Startups / Innovation / Entrepreneurship / Patents & IPR
      • State-of –the-Art Co-working and Seating Space
  • Khoj – A Science Exhibition:
    • To provide a platform for showcasing the innovative ideas in young student minds, Krishna School of Emerging Technologies & Applied Research organized Khoj 2017 on 11th February 2017.
    • Out of 543 students, @ 150 students participated from rural area
    • 45 Schools Participated
    • 57 Working Models,  37 Static Models & 46 Posters were displayed
    • Quiz 70 Teams Participated

Projects Funded

Total Funded Projects:  89

Total Funds Received : Rs. 72 Lacs

AICTE524.50  Lacs
SSIP & SOIC7725.34  Lacs
GUJCOST1410.13 Lacs
Others52.43 Lacs
Total10162.15 Lacs

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