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Krishna School of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation (KSPR) organized an online therapy session on International Yoga Day celebration. Yoga session was attended by 250 students & faculties of KPGU guided by Dr Purvi U. Shah & Dr. Paras Bhura.

Orientation Programme

KSPR celebrated the World Physiotherapy Day 2021 from 6th-8th September 2021, to mark the beginning of campus wide movement of health, Fitness & Importance of Physiotherapy with theme “Long Covid & Rehabilitation”. Former Actor and Cricketer Chief Guest Irfan Pathan Sir graced the occasion which had Fitness camp for everyone on campus and various competitions and events for Physiotherapy students.

Guest Talk on How to treat Cervicothoracis dysfunction

Krishna School of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation organized a workshop on 29th September 2021 on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation on World Heart Day 2021 for 3rd and final year students & faculties, KSPR and 20 students of KSN.

Workshop on Fundamentals of nerve conduction studies (NCS)

Krishna School of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation organized a two days hands on workshop on Research for beginners: Developing Step by Step on 8th and 9th November for it Students in its campus With 45 PG student’s participation.

World Disability Day

Krishna School of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation celebrated “World Disability Day” on 3rd December 2021. In this regard, Therapy session and sound therapy by Dr. Dhruti Karelia and Suicide & Mental Health by Dr. Anupsinh Chhasatia in campus was organized. In this session elderly residents of Kadji Care & 300 students faculties of KSPR participated.

Workshop on Research for beginners

Krishna School of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation (KSPR), a constituent school of Drs. Kiran & Pallavi Patel Global University (KPGU), organized a hands-on NCV workshop on “Fundamentals of nerve conduction studies (NCS)” on 20/12/2021- 21/12/2021 by expert in the field Dr. Shweta Parikh PT Associate Professor at K M Patel Institute of Physiotherapy, Karamsad.

Workshop on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

KSPR arranged Guest Talk for 3 year, 7 Sem & MPT students on “How to treat Cervicothoracis dysfunction” by Dr. Jatinkumar Patel PT – Instructor of JP Rehab Academy on 29-12-21. Session included both theory as well as Hands on training.

World Physiotherapy Day 2021

Krishna School of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation (KSPR) organized an orientation programme for the prospective Undergraduate Students on 07h January 2021 through Google Meet. The major objective of the programme was to make the parents and students aware of the academic aspects of the course, the rules, and regulations of the Institute. This Event was attended by all faculty of Physiotherapy, with 42 new UG students. Dr. Nilesh Surve (PT), renowned Physiotherapist graced the occasion as the chief guest for the event.

Krishna School of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation (KSPR) organized an NPTE STUDY PREPARATION WEBINAR for the BPT Students on 15th March 2022 through Zoom platform. The major objective of the programme was to make the students aware of the process to build a successful career in the USA and Canada. This Event was attended by 25 students (UG, interns and Alumni). The keynote speaker was Dr. Sri Velli Chekuri (PT), Licensed Physiotherapist and NPTE Study buddy mentor in the USA and she helps the students to pass the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) Exam. Dr. Sri spoke about the variety of issues faced by the Indian students in developing their professional career in the USA and Canada.

During the session, Dr. Sri Velli Chekuri (PT) covered the following topics: Steps to follow while applying for higher studies in the USA and Canada, Types of VISA options available in the USA for Indian students,Practical training options for F1 Visa students, Scholarship options for students, State wise difference in license exam. She explained to the students regarding NPTE exam schedule, books to refer for NPTE preparation, Number of trials required for being a licensed Physiotherapist. Special Guidance was given regarding the role of NPTE Study buddy organization in helping the students to clear the NPTE exam. Then, following the session also included interaction from the participants regarding their dilemma about the process of studying in the USA and Canada. The session lasted for 60 minutes.

Poster exhibition on iron deficiency day

To raise awareness about the serious health consequences posed by iron deficiency, November 26 is commemorated as Iron Deficiency Day.

Thereby, Krishna School of Nursing (KPGU) took initiatives to raise awareness among adolescents through poster exhibition and screening of adolescents by  Vadodara Adolescent Health Academy and Academy of Paediatrics, at Shree Seva Samaj Sharda Vidhya Mandir,(SSSSVM) Varnama, Vadodara 

It focuses on   Promotion of regular consumption of foods rich in iron,Provisions of iron and folate supplements in the form of tablets to the high-risk groups, Identification and treatment of severely anemic cases. 

World mental health day

The Day provides an opportunity for health care personnel to talk on mental health issues and what more needs to be done to make mental health care a reality for people worldwide. Mental health is very important thing and it matters more, because it can happen to any person at any age so Krishna School of Nursing (KPGU), organised a mental health awareness talks and Nukkad play at PHC, VARNAMA, VADODARA.

First Aid Program

First aid is the first and immediate assistance given to any person suffering from either a minor or serious illness or injury, with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, or to promote recovery.
On 23 JUNE 2022 Krishna school of nursing arranged the program on first aid training from 9AM to 5PM in association with RED CROSS SOCIETY.Number of participants (120) were present  for training.
The first aid training program included various sessions such as  cardiopulmonary resuscitation,types of bandaging,  first aid for choking and hands-on training performed  by instructors.

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